Have you ever felt...

  • Unsure of how to navigate your vocal registers

  • Frustrated with breaks, cracks, and straining

  • Confused about your singing voice

  • Unsure of where your voice fits in

  • Inadequate when singing

  • Trauma from a previous voice lesson/performance experience

  • Sad about losing the joy from singing

You're not alone!
Here's the good news...

You are a singer in your heart and soul. You *can* have a healthy relationship with your voice and enjoy singing again!
It's all about building a healthy mindset and technique. 

Imagine how it would feel if...


  • You sang with control & consistency

  • You knew exactly how to approach practicing

  • You felt confident in your singing voice

  • You heard progress right away

  • You understood how the voice works

  • You sang for fun again!



The program to help you reconnect with your voice in a whole new way! 

What's Included:

3 Video Lessons

Learn how your registers work, master your mix, and approach your practice with a positive mindset.

Warm Up Tracks

Sing along with audio tracks to help you feel confidence and immediate progress with your singing voice.

Singing Affirmations

Your brain is the most powerful tool you have when improving your voice. Get affirmations to heal the relationship with your voice and see progress quickly!

You'll walk away understanding:


Lesson 1: Your Registers

Navigate your chest & head voice with voice science & practical exercises. No more confusion about what's what. You'll feel totally in control singing in the full range of your voice!


Lesson 2: Mixing 101

Learn the secret sauce to balancing your voice and belting your favorite songs! Sing along with the best exercises to strengthen the middle area of your voice. 


Lesson 3: Practicing & Mindset


Ever feel frustrated with your practice? Chances are, you're approaching it the wrong way! Learn how to have a positive practice session *every time* -- so you hear & feel progress immediately!

Hannah is one of the nicest people I’ve ever met and is like a belting whisperer. Every time I work with her it’s such a positive experience. Her techniques and tips are things I will use in every song I sing and can help me achieve my voice goals. 

- Callie

I know what it feels like to have vocal baggage.

Years ago a series of discouraging teachers, rejection, and poor technique left me in a place where I didn't love singing anymore. I didn't trust or understand my voice.

I had to do the emotional work to reclaim my relationship with my voice first, and the progress followed! 


My biggest hope is for you to RECLAIM your unique voice -- so you can sing with a sense of joy, confidence, and freedom!



  • 3 video trainings
  • Warm up tracks for high voices
  • Warm up tracks for low voices
  • Singing affirmations
  • Lifetime access