What is IVA?

The Institute for Vocal Advancement method is widely regarded as one of the most successful vocal techniques. The IVA technique is employed teaching voice lessons to over 100 Grammy winners in every genre of music. It is a Global Voice Teacher organization which has certified voice teachers worldwide.


IVA teachers are held to high standards and must complete annual educational requirements, testing and lessons with Master teachers every year in order to maintain their certification.


IVA technique trains voices to sing in a free and natural manner, smoothly, from the bottom of the range to the top with no breaks or sudden changes in quality.

Training in this technique gives the singer freedom to explore and access different dynamics and colors within a song, as well as flexibility to sing a wider variety of styles. 


Also, the training in this technique helps improve a singer’s range, endurance, stamina, breath control, resonance, vocal strength and vocal quality across all styles of music without fatigue or damage to the voice.

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