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Kimberly Welch

Orem, UT

Hannah is just THE BEST! My voice has never sounded better! She's so skilled and talented at bringing out the very best in everyone's voice. She is hands down the best teacher I have ever had the pleasure of working with! You will not be disappointed in your time with her.

Amanda Taylor

Salt Lake City, UT

Hannah is my fairy godmother! Her deep knowledge of singing helped me improve and gain confidence in a way I couldn't have even anticipated. She always knows what adjustments to make to ensure my voice reaches its ultimate potential - and she is so great at EXPLAINING those adjustments in a way that works for me (and I can continue to use!). Going from a casual, albeit enthusiastic, singer to having the courage and abilities to actually audition for some musicals - I can attribute that all to Hannah. She is such a professional teacher, but also made me feel I had someone in my corner who was rooting for me to become a better singer. Take a lesson with her - you will NOT regret it.

Heidi Campbell

Provo, UT


I have tried taking voice lessons before but had a hard time finding someone I could feel comfortable singing around. Hannah put me at ease right away - even when I made dreadful noises I didn't feel like I had to be embarrassed. In only a few lessons I have learned so much from her about my voice and it's strength's and weaknesses. I could hear an improvement in the quality of my sound after each lesson. Hannah is professional and very easy to work with.  I would highly recommended her to anyone

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Christie Stolworthy

Salt Lake City, UT

I've wanted to take lessons for years, and I was really intimidated to start. (Have you heard Hannah sing?) She put me at ease immediately, and taught me so much! She helped me understand where my voice transitions and what vowels help get me through my passages. Hannah got me to notes I never thought I'd reach! She helped me picture how to get the sound and strength out of every note, without wearing out my voice. Hannah helped me prepare an audition song, and the interpretations she suggested gave it dimension, layers, and dynamics. I feel so much more confident and prepared, and I just liked hanging out with her! Hannah's an amazing teacher!

Lisa Hansen

Salt Lake City, UT

Hannah is wonderful! I absolutely loved my time with her. The knowledge she has paired with the techniques she employs, makes for the best vocal teacher I've ever had. I loved how my warm ups were catered specifically to my voice. I never had that before and it made all the difference! If I were in the area I would take lessons from her again. No doubt.

Marisa Smith

Orem, UT

Hannah is an excellent voice teacher. I have had several other teachers over the years, but felt that none of them "spoke my language" or could help me to identify or understand what I was doing wrong and how to fix it. But in just a few lessons with Hannah, I felt I'd made more progress with her than I did with years of voice lessons/voice teachers in the past.

She is really good at figuring out how to speak your language and find what works for you in order for you to make big improvements rather quickly. I 100% recommend her!

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