What should I expect at my first lesson?

At your first lesson, Hannah will get to know you a little bit. She might ask you questions like:

  • When did you start singing?

  • Have you ever taken lessons before? If so, with whom and for how long?

  • Did you ever sing in a choir or do theatre?

  • Have you ever had any vocal health problems in the past? (Vocal nodules, cysts, etc.)

  • What are your goals?

After getting to know you, she will get to know your voice by taking you through a vocal assessment. Don't worry! It's not scary or difficult, just a simple exercise on an "AH" vowel. After Hannah has a better idea of your voice, she will take you through some exercises specifically tailored to your vocal needs! 

If you are comfortable, Hannah will want to hear you on a song. It can be something you've worked on in the past, something you love to sing in the car, or even just "America the Beautiful"! Again, no pressure! Hannah is simply gathering information on your voice so that she can give you the best vocal education for you! 

Schedule your first lesson today!

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